Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Walking through the jungle canopy...just minutes from KL

I was looking for easy hike and picnic locations around the city when I read about FRIM, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia.  It's a government run research facility started in the 1920's with the goal of growing a tropical forest from scratch.  It's open to the public and has its own canopy walkway, which boasts something unique: a view of a major city's skyline from the jungle canopy.    

FRIM is not far from Batu Caves in Kapong.  Once there you'll need to pay for both entrance to the park and entrance to the canopy walkway. (Assuming that you want to go up into the jungle canopy.  If not don't worry about the second ticket and just enjoy an easy hike on the paths and a picnic by one of the waterfalls).  It's 5 MYR a person to get in the main gate and the canopy tickets cost us 10 MYR each.  

It's important that you buy your canopy ticket from the information center at the bottom of the hill before heading up the trail.  They won't let you onto the canopy walkway without a ticket; they don't sell tickets at the top of the hill; and it takes about a half hour to walk up the hill.  You don't want to have to walk all the way down and back up because you haven't bought a ticket.  Once you've got the canopy tickets follow the signs to the path that will take you to its entrance.  

The view of KL from FRIM's canopy walkway. If only it hadn't been overcast.