Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Going back

Sandwiched in between my trip to Vietnam and our Christmas and New Year trip to South Africa was a week during which I visited several friends in various parts of Europe.  During this week I went back to Prague for the first time since we moved to Geneva almost three years ago.  Most of our friends have long since moved on and I was expecting things to have completely changed.  I've been missing Prague a lot lately and was expecting, and possibly hoping, that it would have changed to the point where I couldn't recognize it anymore and I could relegate our time there to a place in my history that's gone forever.  I was hoping that this visit would help me more or less get over it so that I'd stop longing to be there.

It didn't work.  The Prague of today is pretty much the same as we left it.  It's still home to an amazingly fun group of expats.  The Christmas markets were up selling svařák and trdlo.  Saint Jan Nepomuk is still resting in the middle of Charles Bridge,

which is still packed with tourists.

And it's still one of the most gorgeous cities I have ever seen.

If anything this trip made me realize that I'll probably never get over Prague or stop missing it.


  1. I agree! Prague is beautiful!