Sunday, November 7, 2010


Shortly after we bought a car this summer we heard a rumor about a town just south of us that has an actual sandy beach. Since all of the "beaches" around Lake Geneva are either comprised of pebbles, slabs of rock, dirt and grass, or some combination of the three, we had to check it out. It ended up being a really nice day. We stumbled upon a massive street market and enjoyed the beach's sand and the lake's crystal clear water. We liked it enough to make plans to return and to recommend it to others.

Yesterday I went back with a few friends to do some shopping in the market we had come across. I bought rhubarb jam there and am in love. However, yesterday I realized that the last time we were there we completely missed what I assume is the city's biggest attraction:

Now that I am aware that Annecy has an old town and a ch√Ęteau, I like it even more. We'll probably be making another trip at some point in the future to see what else there is to discover.