Thursday, September 24, 2009

Storage spaces

If you ever feel the need to rent a storage space, don't. Trust me on this one. It is not worth it.

I am in the process of liquidating our storage space. Moving our furniture out of our house and into the storage space a year ago was a nightmare. I still can't believe how easily stuff accumulates and how small storage spaces are. Josh left for Prague before our house sale closed, so I was left alone to move everything. My parents came up from Cincinnati to help and we spent a day moving dresser after bed after dresser after table after bookshelf. My mom spent the better part of said day alone in the storage space organizing things so that it would all fit while my dad and I made multiple trips between the house and storage transporting the never-ending pile of stuff. I definitely could not have done it without them.

A year past and the storage space became a faint and distant memory. It became such a faint memory that we decided to get rid of the storage space because we don't know how long we will be gone and nothing in there is really worth what we are paying to store it. Last month I went back to the storage space to assess the situation all by my lonesome self and found it exactly as I had forgotten about it being:

Needless to say, I opened the door, took one look at it and started to cry. It took me four hours to get to the back of the storage space so that I could get to the bed so that I will have something to sleep on while I am here finishing school.

This picture was taken at the beginning of the process of single-handedly dragging everything out of the storage space and into the hall. By the time I was finished there really wasn't room to walk and it was quite the fire hazard.

Four hours later: the final result. Does anyone know anyone in the Buffalo area in need of gently used and expertly stored furniture and/or household goods?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Things I had missed about home

1) Screens in windows
2) Grocery shopping at midnight
3) Banks opened on Saturday and Sunday. Hooray for 5/3 inside of Kroger. Banking and groceries in one location 7 days a week. What more can you ask for?
4) Niagara County Produce. Where else can you get three large paper bags of locally grown produce for the low price of $20.00?
5) Apple Cider
6) Being able to understand everything that people are saying.
7) Service

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have an abnormal and morbid fascination with battlefields, which you may have noticed from my visit to the battlefield of Bila Hora. It all stems from a childhood vacation to Yorktown. I distinctly remember my dad buying a taped narrative of the battle and driving around the fields listening to the account of what had happened there. I also distinctly remember getting into a fight with my sister and my father threatening to turn the car around and leave, but that is a different story for another time.

There is something strangely odd about being in such a calm and beautiful place where so many people lost their lives. In a single day in 1862 in a field in rural Maryland 23,000 Americans lost their lives. Today it's just a quiet country lane about fifteen minutes off of the highway with gentle rolling hills on either side, but then it was the site of the bloodiest day the United States has ever seen.

Antietam happens to be off the highway between Washington, D.C. and Cincinnati, so my mother, sister, and I stopped on our way back from a visit with my brother, sister, and new niece Margaret. I really don't know what draws me to these places, but I am always glad when I get to see them.