Monday, April 7, 2014

Life changes

Surprise of all surprises, I am still alive.
My apologies for the extreme radio silence.  After we moved last June life sort of got in the way.

Since moving I've had a baby, moved again, took the baby on his first international trip to Turkey, and began adapting to our new home (which is strikingly similar to where we started our expat journey).  I also took up the hobby of knitting, which I'm sure will interest no one.

Even though we both grew up in the US adapting to being back has been difficult.  Repatriation isn't a word that really fits because for us this is essentially the same thing as Malaysia, a short term stay with an end date.  It just happens to be a stay in a country from which we both hold passports.  We're settling into a new state and really enjoying it bust at the same time it's difficult to get too comfortable because we'll be gone again before we know it.  I am trying to live in the moment and enjoy it while it is here.  Surprisingly, there is quite a lot to enjoy about having family in driving distance who are willing to stay with your kid so you can get away without him.